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The business websites of EZ-OnlineSolutions™ are fully functional websites created with a powerful suite of online software called EZ-NetTools®.
The software suite enables you to change text, copy pages, upload pictures, manage a bulletin board, set up e-mail and much more. EZ-NetTools® uses a simple point and click interface that makes website development a snap!

Our business websites come with the following features:

A Multiple Page Website
When you log-in to your website for the first time, you will find that the bulk of the development work is already done! Whether you purchase an industry specific website, a basic information website or a general storefront, you will start with a minimum of five webpages that have been pre-designed with all of the pages linked together.

Although the website is pre-designed, you can add as many pages as you want and change the colors and layouts of each page as many times as you want, anytime, from anywhere in the world.

Our websites even have the flexibility to match the exact colors and designs of established business identities.

Hostware® - Much More than Hosting
Each website is created with a fantastic new technology called Hostware®! Hostware® is the unique combination of hosting and software integrated into one solid online system.

Websites created with the EZ-NetTools® Hostware® system will include a variety of different programs including:

  • EZ-PageBuilder™
  • EZ-FileManager™
  • EZ-Catalog™
  • EZ-ShoppingCart™
  • EZ-CheckOut™
  • EZ-MailList™
  • EZ-FormBuilder™
  • EZ-BulletinBoard™
  • EZ-Calendar™
  • EZ-Directory™
The great news is that each of these software programs are integrated with the hosting service! That means that you log-in to use the software over the Internet. No downloads, no need to keep track of installation disks, and no need to track multiple licenses for multiple log-ins. Its all part of one easy to use system!

Additionally, the software is continually upgraded but no installation is necessary on your part. All upgrades are included as part of our service with no additional cost!

Plenty of Webspace (Hosting)
You start with a variety of webpages and a few sample pictures but you can greatly expand your website! You can literally add thousands of webpages filled with thousands of graphics. You choose the package with the amount of hosting and services that is best for your business.

There is no compromising on our hosting quality. The hosting side of our system is fast, dependable and secure. You can rely on us!

Domain Names
Domain name hosting is included in our standard service! In addition to domain name hosting, we can also provide you with inexpensive domain names and domain maintenance. If you already own your domain name, we can help you direct your domain name to our servers in no time at all.

Businesses that want to sell products online couldn't have found an easier e-commerce solution. Our business websites include an online catalog option ready for you to enter your product information.

Once your information is entered, you simply select the types of payment you receive, enter your shipping rates, and post your purchase terms. Then, with a single click of a button, your shopping cart is activated throughout the website and you are ready to take orders!

All of this is provided, of course, with the full protection of high-end security technology.

e-Mail Addresses
e-Mail is easy to set-up and maintain with EZ-NetTools®. Choose the package that has the right number of e-mail addresses to meet your business needs.

You can either use our online Web-based e-mail solution or your own mail client (like Microsoft® Outlook Express). If you purchase your own domain name like franksfurniture.com, you can set-up frank@franksfurniture.com or sales@franksfurniture.com.

Multiple Logins
One of the greatest features of our business website solution is that you can work on your website from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection. This way, you can make changes to your website and check e-mail while you are traveling.

Password Security
With our password security feature, you can secure all or part of your website! Use one password or manage multiple user IDs and passwords.You can even require payment before one can enter a section of your website to download an e-book or a photo, for example.

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